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Welcome to Martin County Living

Welcome to our new site;
Ok, so maybe you’re asking yourself, “why another website that offers information about Martin County, FL”? The answer is pretty simple, we love it here and most of the other sites we find online about the county are a bit too static. They feature just information and statistics or they are specifically about selling real estate; they don’t tell you real stories or show you pictures about what makes this such an awesome place to live. It is true that we are putting our kids through college selling real estate so if you want, we’d be happy to sell you some, but it’s about so much more than that. We live here because we love it and we want others to love it as much as we do. We love the people, the beaches, the plethora of locally owned, outrageously good restaurants, the copious amounts of live music, the small town charm, the shopping, the fishing, the festivals and …………we think you get the picture.
One of us is lucky enough to have grown up here and to have graduated from Martin County High School (GO TIGERS!), but jobs still had us living all over the country. Moving from Indianapolis, to Boca Raton, to Kentucky, to Texas and to Northern Virginia (makes us sound undecided when you put them together like that), we have lived all over. Each location has given us a glimpse at different slices of America; each new place offered a variety of weather, activities and great features and amenities. But as our kids started growing up and we were offered a choice to live anywhere on the East Coast, guess where we ended up? Right back here in little ole Martin County. And it sure is great to be here. We grew up here, left, came back and raised kids here and now that our kids are off at college, we are starting a new chapter. It gives us more time and a different perspective about the community we live in. But no matter how you look at it, we love it here and we hope you do too.

This website is born out of our love for this community. We want to see it continue to be a place we can all be proud to live in and we want to see it flourish. We want to see all members of the community engaging with each other and helping each other out when needs arise. We want to introduce newcomers to all the county has to offer and help get them assimilated to the county. To the long-time resident, we want to help rekindle the romance and maybe hear from you about why you think Martin County is a great place to be. Most of all we want to engage with our neighbors (or future neighbors ;)) in a meaningful way and get you busy! Busy trying new things, lending a helping hand, and spreading the word about what’s so amazing about Martin County Living.


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