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New Discovery: Kiplinger Nature Preserve

As we were building this site, my wife and I were really excited about the prospect of helping the residents of Martin County to connect on multiple levels with the community around them.  At the same time we thought it was important to make sure we were living out the concepts we are presenting here.  And we realized there are lots of places around town that we have never visited.  To that end, I had 45 minutes during lunch at my day job and so figured I would "get out there" and make a new discovery.  The photos below only capture a quick glimpse of everything I encountered on my visit.  Today's sightings included: 2 pileated woodpeckers, 1 gopher tortoise, 5 fiddler crabs and two lizards.  My visit was only 45 minutes but it was like a little vacation and I can't wait to get out and do it again soon.  
Kiplinger Nature Preserve
4146 Kanner Highway
Stuart, FL 34997

Nestled along a very busy Kanner Highway, sits a small bit of county owned preserve. You might pass it every day without really noticing it but the parking lot is often full but mostly with people who are parking to take a walk over the new Veterans Memorial Bridge.  I wonder how many of those people are curious about what lies just beyond the familiar wooden fence that designates all county own parkland.   Take a few minutes now and stroll with me through this pretty little slice of paradise and maybe you'll be inspired to take a look for yourself.  Find our more about Martin County Parks and Recreation at their website

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